Stress management for Healthier
Cattle during Receiving Period

How we receive cattle at the feedlot will affect performance throughout the feeding phase.


Easing newly received cattle onto full feed, while ensuring excellent health and replacing shrink will ensure efficient rapid gains through the finishing period.

Cattle with greater than 7% transit shrink loss are in a high stress condition and in a high disease risk category.

(Chester-Jones and Di Costanzo, 2012)

Main stress factors

B Vitamins are a common preventative and initial treatment used in Feedlots throughout North America. NAMHS data shows that close to 20% of feedlots are injecting B Vitamins.

• Weaning
• Vaccination
• Transport
• Weather

• Co-Mingling
• New feed
• New Environment
• Weather

Results in...

• Lower Dry Matter Intake
• Energy lost to immune challenges
• Immune Dysfunction

Stress increases the demand of B vitamin

B vitamins are essential for the overall metabolism of the beef cattle.

B vitamins act as Metabolic Activators* to produce energy and protein, resulting in less energy loss and fewer health disorders.

*B Vitamins are involved in various metabolism as enzymes cofactors (activators)

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Would you like more tips?

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Improves Dry Matter Intake

Improving Dry Matter Intake is essential

Weaning, vaccination, co-mingling and transport can create a Tipping Point of Stress Conditions. Combine these with lower feed intake results in poor adaption to receiving cattle diets and higher incidence of health challenges.

B vitamins improve the immune response of stressed cattle infected with virus.

IgG levels doubled after 14 days

Days to recover shrink were reduced by 1.3 days for the group of cattle fed the protected B vitamins blend.

Higher total gain at the end of receiving period

1Essai Commercial, Mexique, 2016.

Higher total gain after the receiving period.

Extra Gain increases up to shipping

Higher carcass yield

The objective for utilizing the blend of B vitamins products designed for close-ups & fresh cows was to see an increase in dry matter intakes and less sickness. The impact was pretty immediate, and we saw increased early lactation milk, less metritis, lower milk fevers and less DA’s. When you see results like this, you have more confidence in continuing their use and these products will be an important part of our rations moving forward.

Brian Fiscalini
Owner/General Manager
Fiscalini Farms-Modesto, California

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