Optimizing protein intake:
The benefits for swine production

Jefo Pro Solution has been designed to improve feed protein flow management in pigs. It contributes to lower feed cost or to use alternative protein sources, and to improve intestinal integrity

Why do protein and aminoacids often limit performance?

A good management of protein within the diet is crucial for an optimal production. However, a lot of factors can influence real protein intake and use, bringing a lot of variability.

Feed/Raw materials

  • Cost/Prices variability
  • Availability of Synthetic amino acids
  • Valorization of local sources


  • Digestibility variability : Age, transit time, health, etc.
  • Evaluation of aa requirements : impact of immunity, impact of gut restructuration, etc.


  • Ability to use non-digestible protein :
    bad fermentation, alteration of gut integrity, ammonia production

This important variability can often limit performances.

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Optimizing feed intake: a crucial challenge

To manage feed protein flow, it is necessary to act on the digestible protein fraction to release oligopeptides that will be absorded by the animal for good performances, while controling the non digestible protein fraction, which can be used as a substrate by pathogenic bacteria and affect intestinal integrity.

Small Intestine

Digestible Protein

Maintenance & growth

Meat production

Digestible Protein

Maintenance & growth

Meat production


Non Digestible Protein

Fermentation in the caecum/hindgut > inflammatory metabolites


Non Digestible Protein

Fermentation in the caecum/hindgut > inflammatory metabolites

Intestinal Integrity

The Jefo Pro solution is helping to lower protein content within the gut, allowing reduced feed cost and secured performances

Main advantages of our solution

Better use of digestible protein in the gut to lower feed cost

Optimal protein digestion in the small intestine to lower feed cost while maintaining good performance.

Cost savings

  • The Jefo Pro improves the optimization of feed
  • Less protein needed and wasted = lower feed cost

Get the best results from your feeding strategy with Jefo Pro

  • A safety net in regard to variability of raw material quality
  • A versatile product, to be used efficiently in your feed programs, with personal recommendation based on the type of animal, diet and level of protein

Jefo has developed a specific tool to define the best recommendations per animal species and raw materials context.

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Jefo is using an innovative methodology to assess intestinal integrity.

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Lower non-digestible protein in the gut to improve intestinal integrity

Jefo Pro solution optimizes the assimilation of feed in the small intestine, reducing the amount of indigested protein content in the hindgut

Lowered nitrogen waste, resulting in:

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Better air quality and lung health

Reduces the indigestible portion of feed ingredients that favor bacteria growth

Lowering the protein content in the feeds: a way to help during heat stress challenges

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