Antibiotic-free / Low ZnO feeding strategies
How to reduce the pathogen pressure in swine?

Resistance to antibiotics is a growing global public health concern.


Animal husbandry has a role to play, and all European players are actively looking for alternatives to antibiotics.


Environmental issues are also an important topic in animal husbandry and the reduction in the dosage of zinc oxide is part of the answer. However, when reducing ZnO levels, it is important to find alternative ways to decrease the pathogen pressure.


Demedication is a global farm management issue. There is more than one solution, and feed can play a significant role.

Looking for solutions to implement non-medicated feeding strategies and/or to reduce the use of high doses of zinc oxide?

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Our solution:
protected organic acids and essential oils

Jefo has designed a formula of selected organic acids (OA) and essential oils (EO) protected with the Jefo matrix technology to reduce pathogenic pressure in all stages: sows; piglets; fattening pigs. OA and EO act in a synergistic way.

To illustrate the synergistic relationship between the OA and EO, Jefo has performed in vitro tests using pathogens which affect animal production, including Escherichia coli. The effect of a combination of OA and EO is greater compared to EO or OA used alone.

Why protect organic
acids and essential oils?

The protection of OA and EO allows for safe use in the plant:

Safe manipulation for workers

No corrosion effect on feed manufacturing equipment

No interaction with other nutrients in the formula

From a zootechnical point of view, when non protected, OA will dissociate in the stomach. Under dissociated form, OA will not be able to act on the bacteria present in the intestine.


Due to its specific protection, the Jefo Matrix Technology, OA and EO will be intact when reaching the intestine and will be liberated throughout the entire GIT.

A specific protection designed for pigs

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Reducing pathogen pressure at all stages

Pathogen pressure is an important parameter to control within swine production in order to promote optimal animal welfare and performance. The current challenge is to achieve this by using alternatives to antibiotics.


Jefo solution helps ensure a  cleaner urogenital environment

Positive sanitary impact on piglets at birth / neonatal gut integrity

Positive impact on reproduction performance


Jefo Solution can be used as part of  demedication / reduction of high ZnO level strategies in piglets to improve:

Gut integrity

Health status


Fattening pigs

Jefo Solution helps control pathogen pressure in fattening pigs:

Gut integrity

Pathogen control

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